About Forty-Two

Who is 42?

My name is 42, and I'm the founder of opportunities.fyi. I'm an investor living in the Willamette Valley region in Oregon interested in all types of investment opportunities including real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency, and venture capital. I'm all about studying those who are smarter than me. I've learned many valuable lessons from the experience of others including Warren Buffett, Jesse Livermore, Nassim Taleb and Cathie Wood. Aside from my investment ambitions, I love to spend time with my family including my 3 kids and just enjoying life in general! I am constantly learning from others and I'm happy to contribute whenever I can.

What I Believe to be True

I do not believe in "Get Rich Quick Schemes." Most are destined for failure and the biggest most costly mistakes are often made in the pursuit of the so-called quick and easy profit. I believe that investing is not about taking those types of risks and that TIME is your best friend in any investment – especially real estate – and ignoring this reality is never beneficial. Time is not only your best friend in real estate, it is often the only friend you need. Obviously, you can "get lucky" and "hit a home run" from time to time in other ways but these are often more luck than strategy and seldom are they repeatable or sustainable in the long run.

Instead of focusing on how you can get the highest possible return this year, set a bigger more ambitious goal over a longer time frame. This is the secret to successful real estate investment. This is the thing that other real estate professionals dare not be upfront enough to tell you because they realize that 90% of their clients are seeking the quick solution and to tell them the truth is to risk losing a client and a sales commission. This is exactly how most real estate agents allow transactions to happen which are clearly not in the best interests of the client.

True wealth and financial freedom take years, even decades, to build. This is just as true for real estate as it is in stocks, art, or any other valuable asset. I have learned not to look for "hot deals" with instant equity right now but instead, I look for value investments for the future. Slow and steady wins the race.

How My Commitment Benefits You

My newsletters are a free service to you. There is no obligation at any time. I choose to remain anonymous to always provide the highest quality content for you. Anonymity allows me to give you facts, secrets and unbiased insight while avoiding potential conflicts of interest with other parties. And no less important, it serves as reminder to me to never lose track of the fact my goal for this project is to benefit YOU first and foremost.

It is my hope you will realize how to use the content on this website to effortlessly lead yourself closer to your own dreams and financial success.